Desires – Rendezvous With You

Jive Five – My True Story

Drifters – You’re Promise To Be Mine

Eternals – Do You Remember

Little Anthony & The Imperials – Two People In The World

Fabulous Pearl Devines – You’ve Been Gone

Spaniels – I Know (acappella)

Embers – Solitaire

Charts – Why Do You Cry

Earls – Remember Then

Crests – I Thank The Moon

Chantels – Pray

Fascinators – Who Do You Think You Are

El Dorados – Bim Bam Boom

Top Notes – Always Late

Five Shillings – Letter To An Angel

Fidelitys – The Things I Love

Volumes – I Love You

Avons – What Will I Do

Charters – I Lost You

Encounters – Darling Little Angel (acappella)

Diablos – The Wind