Monarchs – Pretty Little Girl

Del Pris – The Time

Channels – The Closer You Are

Capitols – Angel Of Love

Curtis Lee & The Halos – Pretty Little Angel Eyes

Frankie & The Fashions – Chapel Of Dreams (acappella)

Arthur Lee Maye &  The Crowns РAll I Want Is Someone To Love

Rainbows – Mary Lee

Passions – Just To Be With You

Heartbeats – A Thousand Miles Away

Major Lance & The Impressions – I’ve Got A Girl

Crests – Sweetest One

Diablos – I Wanna Know

Nobles – Poor Rock & Roll

Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Live)

Sultans – It’ll Be Easy

Classic Sounds РShrine Of St. Cecilia  (acappella)

Little Joey & The Flips – It Was Like Heaven

Monotones – Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Ideals – Knee Socks

Cupids – Brenda

Utopians – Along My Lonely Way

Allures – You Came To Me (acappella)