Five Discs – Never Let You Go

School Boys – Please Say You Want Me

Interiors – Darling Little Angel

Capris – Tears In my Eyes

Cleftones – Little Girl Of Mine

Mellows – How Sentimental Can I Be

Arthur Lee Maye – Moonlight

Knockouts – Darling Loraine

Jesters – I Laughed

Miracles – All I Want Is You

Lola & The Saints – Beginning To Love You (acappella)

Dovells – Bristol Stomp

Channels – Gloria

Twilighters – Little Did I Dream

Classic Sounds – Girl Of My Dreams – (acappella)

Dion & The Belmonts – I Wonder Why

Deltairs – Lullaby of the Bells

Persians – Tears Of Love

Four Dots – Pleading For Your Love

Cordells – The Beat Of My Heart

Spaniels – I Know (acappella)

Velours – My Love Come Back