Corvairs – True True Love

Heartbeats – Darling How Long

Schoolboys – Please Say You Want Me

Rialtos – It Hurts

Teenchords – Honey Honey

Whooping Cranes – Heart & Soul

Blue Jays – Lovers Island

Lyrics – Oh Please Love Me

Cadillacs – My Girl Friend

Little Anthony & The Imperials – Two People In The World (acappella)

Excellents – Coney Island Baby

Moonglows – Mama Locie

Velours – Can I Come Over Tonight

Five Discs – That Was The Time

Flamingos – The Vow

Silhouettes – Get A Job

Continentals – Dear Lord

Chessmen – That’s My Desire (acappella)

Crowns – I’ll Forget About You

Richard Barrett & The Chantels – Summer’s Gone

Magnificents – Up Upon The Mountain

Little Bobby  Rivera & The Hemlocks – Joys Of Love

Volchords – Bongo Love