Crests – The Angels Listened In

Napolean Tyce – Sitting Here

Rocketones – Dee I

Paragons – Florence

Clovers – Love Potion Number Nine

Sunbeams – Please Say You’ll Be Mine

Channels – Stay As You Are

Desires – Let It Please Be You

Cornerstone – Gloria My Love (acappella)

Monarchs – Pretty Little Girl

Chimes – I’m In The Mood For Love

Marvels – I Wont Have You Breaking My Heart

Charts – Why Do You Cry

Fiestas – So Fine

Fluorescents – The Facts Of Love

Eternals – Do You Remember

Spaniels – Stormy Weather (acappella)

Gene Pitney & The Halos – Every Breath I Take

Five Chords – Don’t Just Stand There

Poets – Vowels Of Love

Nutmegs – The Way Love Should Be

Channels – The Closer You Are

Persuasions – Looking For An Echo (acappella)